We’ve seen a lot of cool speakers, but never anything like this. Forget all other speakers. We have found the ultimate speaker every cat lover needs in their life. Once you experience the Dancing Cat Speaker there’s just no going back. This robotic cat dances to your music. Now that we have combined the power of cats with speakers, this is the only speaker you will ever need.

The cat dances (somewhat) in sync to your music, as he sways back and forth while jostling his girthy body to and fro 🙂

To use the dancing cat speaker, just put in the batteries on his back, plug in the audio cord into the port on his foot, and plug the other end of the audio cord into your phone or laptop and start playing some music. The cat robot speaker will then begin to dance in sync to your music!

This soft plush brown cat has all of the right moves and he’s not afraid to show you. No matter what music you turn on, this guy is going to rock your world.

The robotic dancing cat speaker is powered by 3 AA batteries which you can insert or replace by ripping apart the Velcro pocket on his back. Although it won’t be the greatest speaker you’ve ever heard, it’ll certainly be a hilarious party trick that everyone will get a kick out of.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wanted a dancing cat to keep me company. Now I won’t have to force my real cat to dance every time I crank up the tunes.

The dancing cat speaker is going to have everyone smiling and laughing as it shows off its moves. I bet he dances better than you do. I know he dances better than me for sure, but I set the bar pretty low. It’s not hard to out-dance me.

The dancing cat speaker is orange in color, but check out the links at the top of the page for other dancing animals like a dancing dog speaker, a panda, a moose, a rabbit, and more.

Check out the dancing cat speaker robot in action via the video below.