Looking for a cool mask for an upcoming costume party? Here are the top 10 picks of cool masks that you can find anywhere in 2018.

Costume parties and masks are classic. But whoever came up with the idea to use masks for entertainment or statement value is a genius. There are so many fun, creepy, and awesome masks to choose from – no party will ever be boring.

That is if you come to the party in one of the top cool masks. And here’s where we come in. We’ve picked the most impressive items that are so great they redefine cool. Check them out.

Tokyo Ghoul Mask

Whether you’re a fan of Anime and Tokyo Ghoul or not, this cosplay mask is pretty darn cool anyway. So if you’re looking for something awesome, this is the mask to consider.

There are many cool masks, but most of them are familiar to everyone. That is not the case here. This grinning purse mask is perfect, or not if you’re a chatty person. It will allow your friends not only to tell you to zip it when you begin to babble but to do it for you. Pitch black purse mask with a killer smile.

Why did we pick this? Because it’s a one-size-fits-all leather mask that will work for the fans and anyone looking for a cool scary mask.

Octopus Crochet Mask

This green macrame mask with the dangling chin parts will give you the perfect disguise for a chilly evening. However, be ready to have Big Foot, Loch Ness, and UFO hunters snapping your picture all night long and trying to throw nets over you.

If anything goes wrong, tell them you grandma kit the mask for you.

Why it’s our choice? It’s a nice and fun mask that’s also functional too. It will keep you warm and make heads turn your way.

Creepy Baby Mask

This terrifying mutant-looking mask has an overlong forehead, patchy blond hair, a hideous mouth, and a drooping, fried eye. People will think you either came directly from Chernobyl or that their uncle finally broke out of the basement.

Why it’s our pick? Because it creeps us out just writing about it. If you want to scare someone or play a practical prank, go for it.

Shark Head Mask

Saturday Night Live used to have a bit where a great white shark tried to gain access to peoples apartments by posing as a pizza deliveryman. This rubber great white shark mask looks like the mask used in those skits, so if you’re wearing it to a party, don’t show up without a pizza. Also, whatever you do, make sure to stay out of the pool.

Why it’s one of our picks? This mask is just so funny. It will be a sure hit in any costume party.

Creepy Corn Mask

This vengeful-looking mask shows you what happens when you feed the Children of the Corn the wrong plant food. A large charred ear of corn bursting from the stock with a furious expression that seems to say, what the heck was up with throwing me in a fire.

Why do we like this mask? Because it’s creepy, scary and funny, all at the same time.

Pug Head Mask

Everybody loves a curious-looking, cute, bug-eyed pug. This is the perfect mask to wear if you want people patting your head all night and telling you to put your tongue back in your mouth.

Why do we think this mask is cool? Because we love pugs. And we’ll love you too if you show up in this mask at our door.

Catrina Sugar Skull Mask

This is a beautiful mask that you would possibly see during a celebration of The Day of the Dead in Mexico. Red roses with bright green stems adorn a somber white skull with full, red lips tastefully stitched shut.

Why did we pick this mask? Because sugar skulls are cool and this handmade mask lives up to the spirit.

3D Polygon Hippo Mask

This stunning polygonal-shaped head is a sharp-looking hippopotamus. It will make you look like someone generated, then summoned you off a computer program. It comes with an angry expression as if you’re about to tell everybody how they should vote on election day.

Why it’s our choice? This mask is unique and cool. No one will see it coming.

Scary Halloween Dinosaur Mask

You need this huge scary dinosaur head if you’re going to be at a party with a bunch of weirdos. You can spend the evening being silent, yet nodding your head and letting them know they’re all heading down the rabbit hole.

What it’s one of our picks? This mask is fun and creepy in a cool way. Definitely a great mask for a costume party.

Pig Mask

This realistic, huge pig mask goes from the snout up. While it’s sure to make anyone’s list of cool costumes, bear in mind it’s been used in more than one horrifying movie about innocent campers being terrified by people wearing animal masks. So if you show up at the party and everybody suddenly runs, don’t worry. You can find them all trying to get in the locked van with the dead battery.

Why it’s our choice? Because it’s awesomely scary. It’s the kind of a mask that someone would use to rob a bank in movies. And that makes it cool.