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Yamaha Silent Guitar


Practice your passion without disrupting those around you by playing on this Yamaha silent guitar. It features a comfortable mahogany neck and maple body in addition to an onboard preamp system with a headphone jack so you can practice silently.



How cool is this? The Yamaha SLG110N gives you the playing feel of a high-quality nylon-string guitar. And it is, thanks to its comfortable mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard, and maple body. But one look at this innovative instrument, and you know it has something else up its sleeve. The SLG110N offers an onboard preamp system with a headphone jack that lets you practice silently, so it’s the perfect travel instrument for classical guitarists or anyone who likes to practice into the wee hours without disturbing anyone else. Awesome! But what makes the Yamaha SLG110N extra awesome is its feedback-free design… that’s why tons of touring guitarists of the classical persuasion have been picking this baby up and bringing it to the stage. It plays like a dream! It’s easy to transport! And it looks cool too.