If the woman in your life needs a gift you’ve come to the right place. Check out all of these great gifts for that special lady, whether it’s your mom, your sister, or your wife. All of these are under $40 so you won’t break the bank, while they get awesome gifts. These will make any woman happy. You know what they say. Happy wife, happy life. Truer words were never spoken.

1) Outdoor Wine Glass Holder Straps Drink To Armrest To Prevent Spills

There’s nothing wrong with a nice relaxing drink. The only problem is that after you’ve had a few, you may end up spilling your drink. There’s a gift that can solve this annoying problem. This outdoor wine glass holder straps your drink to your armrest.

2) Clever Cutter Is a Scissor-Like Kitchen Knife That Cuts Everything

Why use knives in the kitchen when you can just cut everything with scissors? The Clever Cutter makes fast work of anything you normally use a knife for. Bread, fruits, vegetables. Anything. This will make your work much faster.

3) CleverCrates: Collapsible Storage Bins That Fold Flat For Easy Storage

No matter how big your house is we all have the same problem. There’s never enough storage. Storage bins are great, but the problem is that they are in the way when they’re empty and not in use. CleverCrates collapse so that you can fold them flat and store them away.

4) Trolley Bags Save You From Having To Use Plastic Bags at The Grocery Store

Shopping is a hassle. So make it easier while also helping the environment with Trolley Bags. Just set it in your cart, spread it out and you have instant bags for those groceries. Your shopping game just got an upgrade.

5) These Giant Letters Are The Coolest Way To Store Your Used Wine Corks

If your special lady loves wine, put a cork in that other gift you were thinking about and buy her these giant letters so she can fill them up with the corks. This is a fun one to have on the wall.

6) One Cat Leads To Another Heat Changing Mug

If you’re looking for a very special gift for that very special cat lady, or a cat lady in training, this One Cat Leads To Another Heat Changing Mug is perfect. And so true. You get one cat and more are sure to follow.

7) Tweexy Is a Nail Polish Holder You Wear Like a Ring

That special girl in your life is going to love this Tweexy nail polish holder. It spaces the fingers apart while also conveniently while holding your nail polish at the ready. This is a gift that she will absolutely love.

8) WallyBroom: A Broom and Squeegee Combo, Picks Up Both Wet and Dry Messes

The problem with your broom is that it only picks up dry things. Try to pick up a wet mess and you just make it messier. That’s okay. The WallyBroom cleans up both wet and dry messes, making your life much easier. One tool now does many jobs. You have to love it.

9) Banana Hammock: An Actual Hammock For Holding Bananas

You like to chill in the hammock on a warm summer day, so why not extend that same courtesy to your bananas. Give the whole bunch a great place to rest and relax while they ripen. It’s a humorous gift that will make people smile. It’s bananas.

10) Animal Feet Socks

These amazing socks let your feet become paws and hooves of various types of animals, including cats, elephants, zebras, eagles, horses, and more. What better gift idea to someone who loves animals, than socks that turn their feet into the animals they love?!

11) Spider Catching Vacuum Wand

To be fair, I wouldn’t normally touch a spider with a 20 foot pole, but this spider catching vacuum wand might convince me to get a bit closer. It lets you catch spiders from decently far away, which you can then decide to murder said spider, or let them free.

12) DoorJammer Portable Door Lock

If you know a women that travels a lot, this portable and universal door lock would make a perfect gift idea for them, especially if they ever travel alone. The DoorJammer lets you lock any door by attaching it to the bottom of it. Once installed, it prevents anyone from entering the room!

13) Tuc-Away Side Table Flips Up When You Need It

If you’re like me, you want a side table, but don’t really want to waste what little room you have to spare. This tuck-away side table folds down flat when not in use, but easily flips up when you need to use it. When not in use, it takes up just 2.5 inches of space next to your couch or wall.

14) Sheep Toilet Paper Holder

If you just stacking your extra rolls of toilet paper on the back of your toilet, you’re doing it wrong! The proper way is to make them look beautiful and make them part of the decor. This unique sheep toilet paper holder makes it look like your rolls of toilet paper are part of the sheeps curvy and wooly body, and might be one of the coolest ways to store your extra rolls of TP.

15) Flip-It: Bottle Attachment Lets You Easily Empty Any Bottle

The Flip-it is a bottle cap that replaces the current cap on your bottles and will help you get every last drop out of your shampoo, conditioner, lotion, BBQ sauce, salad dressings, and more. Just replace the cap with one of these, and it instantly becomes squeeze bottle that gets kept upside-down. When you’re ready to get some out of the bottle, everything will be ready to go at the top. (Note: comes in a 5-pack)