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Convertible Helper Tower/Kids Table


Help your toddler become more independent around the home with this convertible tower/kids table. Sturdy enough to support an adult, this versatile piece serves as both a stepping stool in addition to a pint-size table when folded over.



Convertible Helper Tower/Kids Table

It’s quite difficult to look after your child and cook dinner at the same time .
Our helper tower will solve this problem and you will be able to combine domestic chores and childcare .
Allow your baby to take part in your domestic chores and make him feel as a real helpmate.

The biggest help for mommy’s little helper!
Designed based on the basic principle of Montessori pedagogy for developing a child’s independence and involvement in everyday tasks. The children will value the opportunity to be involved in preparing meals or in reaching the sink to wash the dishes in a comfortable and safe way!
Kids step stool will be ideal gift for your baby!