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Portable Water Turbine USB Charger


Harness the power of water to keep your devices powered up using this portable water turbine USB charger. This camping must-have allows you to use rivers and streams in order to generate power that you can then use to juice up your electronics.



* Power in ANY weather – WaterLily doesn’t rely on the sun like solar panels, so you can charge your devices in the rain, fog, or shade.
* Charge DAY or NIGHT – run WaterLily overnight for fully-charged batteries in the morning.
* Comparable to 60W Solar Panels – WaterLily can generate as much power in 24hrs as expensive solar panels.
* 3-in-1 Portable Power Source – use water, wind, or WaterLily’s optional hand crank for on-demand power in emergency situations.
* Trusted by Outdoor Adventurers in Over 50 Countries – designed by subsea engineers, and built in North America.