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Real Piranha Fish Display


Marvel at one of the strangest and most terrifying creatures on earth by adding this real piranha fish display to your collection. This museum-quality display comes in a double-walled glass frame that allows you to view the specimen up close from every angle.



STURDY, ATTRACTIVE DOUBLE GLASS FRAMED Piranha fish specimen is wide enough to stand up on your desk and create a lively conversation piece for customers and guests to enjoy.

MUSEUM QUALITY REAL TAXIDERMY PIRANHA. Your treasured Serrasalmus Nattereri (or red bellied Piranha) is an exceptional natural specimen. Professionally preserved in it’s natural form, the taxidermy fish is guaranteed to bring out excitement and wonder.

AWESOME COLLECTIBLE ITEM. This highly sought after species is the ultimate showpiece for your collection. It’s a thoroughly impressive natural wonder that will elevate the quality of your assortment.