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Dropshot Russian Roulette Drinking Game


Get everyone hammered in record time by commencing the festivities with Drop Shot – the Russian roulette drinking game. Simply roll the dice and whatever number you get is how many times you crank the handle to see if the shot will randomly drop into your mouth!



GET THE PARTY STARTED – Combining fun, suspense, and adult beverages into one game, Dropshot is sure to be a crowd-pleaser at your next house party.
TRY TO STAY SOBER – Roll the dice to drop a shot, lose the game you’ll do the lot! Roll the dice, turn the crank, and at a random crank turn, an alcohol shot is released in to a player’s mouth.
MATURE ENTERTAINMENT – Drop Shot is a unique way to celebrate a 21st birthday, bachelor or bachelorette party. Play it during Friendsgiving, a or whenever the atmosphere calls for little silly, drunken fun!
GREAT GIFT – Dropshot The Game makes a delightful birthday or holiday present for the partier in your life.
ADULTS ONLY – Recommended for adults ages 21+. Comes with multiple dishwasher-safe mouthpieces.