Mini Cart

Muscle Sensing Retractable Claws


Become a real life Wolverine by strapping on a pair of these muscle sensing retractable bionic claws. The sensors utilize technology that measures muscle activity to produce the voltage necessary to make the claws extend and retract on command.



Single supply – MyoWare won’t need +/- voltage power supplies unlike our previous sensor
Embedded electrode connector – electrodes now snap directly to MyoWare, getting rid of those pesky cables and making the MyoWare wearable
Raw EMG output – a popular request from grad students, the MyoWare now has a secondary output of the raw EMG waveform
Polarity protected power pins – our 1 customer request was to add some protection
LEd indicators – we’ve added two on-board LEDs one to let you know when the MyoWare’s power is on